Show the Blueprint, says Tong Keong

Show the Blueprint, says Tong Keong

Penang Gerakan has urged the DAP-led state government to publish its so-called Penang International Airport expansion blueprint.

Penang Gerakan secretary Oh Tong Keong said if there was such a blueprint in the making, the state government should not hesitate to tell the people.

“Show the people the blueprint. It is a civil structure and is not a military secret,” said Oh in response to state executive councilor Lim Hock Seng’s revelation that the state government has such a blueprint but cannot make it public.

Oh doubted the Penang State Government would have such a blueprint ready. “Knowing our Chief Minister’s style, he would have already published it publicly with a big hoo-ha,” said Oh.

Oh lamented that after six years in office the DAP-led State Government continued to play the blame game on the federal and the previous Barisan Nasional state government.

“To shift the limelight away from their incapability on the subject of the Penang International Airport, they play the blame game again,” Oh added.
Oh said the State Government should proceed with land reclamation while seeking approval from the federal government for the airport expansion project.

“If there is a good proposal, I don’t see reason for federal government to drop an important development of the gateway into our country. After all, this is not a new project. The airport expansion plan was initiated before 2008,” Oh added.

Oh doubted the State Government had the ability to take over and develop Penang International Airport. “Where will their money come from?” Oh asked.Show the Blueprint, says Tong Keong

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