Stop acting innocent and drama like being victimised by BN

20150116 Be responsible for your own problems, Guan Eng toldPenang Barisan Nasional (BN) chairman Teng Chang Yeow urged Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to own up his own problems instead of finger-pointing all the time. “Stop blaming BN every time you cannot solve your problems,

“Stop acting innocent and drama like being victimised by BN,” Teng said.

Teng said that BN has not make a sound over the issue of Betty Chew being proposed to sit in the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce’s sub-committee. “Out of nowhere, Lim suddenly point to BN, blaming the main stream medias hitting on him,” Teng said.

Teng in his Friday statement said that BN is not interested if Betty Chew is appointed or not. Teng said BN did not want to pick up this issue even after the media exposed it. “Lim simply lash out his blaming finger towards BN,” Teng said.

Teng said a wise leader knows where to draw a clear line. “It is not right to cut the tie and blame others when conflict of interest is exposed,

“That only invites more suspicion,” Teng added.

Teng who is also the Penang Gerakan chairman pointed out that the media that expose this issue is commonly perceived as Pakatan Rakyat friendly. “I cannot understand since when they became friendly to BN,” Teng said.

Teng reminded Lim to be more courageous to own up his own mistakes. “Failure to explain PCCC’s offer to Betty, whether she accepts it or not, in the first place is already a mishandling,” Teng added.

“Should Lim dare not yell at the Pakatan friendly media or PCCC, at least don’t blame it to BN,

“If BN friendly media is involved, please tell us which media,” Teng said.

On the other hand, Teng was curious why Lim did not point finger at PCCC for bringing him all these troubles, by publishing the namelist with Betty’s name, without prior acknowledgement. “Perhaps, the relationship between Lim and PCCC is closer than imagined?” Teng asked.

“But, we are really not interested to find out,” Teng added.


Penang BN chairman Teng Chang Yeow provided a chronology of the issue’s development to expose Lim’s blaming character.

Teng pointed out that almost all Chinese dailies reported the PCCC’s line-up, but only Malaysiakini follow up on the issue with Betty Chew.

As the issue develops, most Chinese dailies carried the statements from PCCC and Lim. Neither Malay dailies nor BN pick up this issue. “How those labeled as BN friendly medias victimised Lim?” Teng said.

“If Lim is not able to prove which BN friendly media is involved, I can only say his attitude to push away responsibilities is unacceptable,” Teng added.

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