Please Do Not “LowYat” Me

JasonLoo 20150729 BI Housing

Newspaper column by Penang Gerakan Youth Legal & Public Complaints Bureau Chief Jason Loo.

Dear YB Teh Lai Heng:

Recently I have been monitoring and raising many issues pertaining to the affordable home in Penang. Whilst waiting (and still waiting) for YB Jagdeep Singh to reply on several open enquiries that I raised, out of the blue,YB Teh responded through his column. YB Teh suggested that instead of criticising YB Jagdeep, I shall condemn the Federal Government on their delay of issuing developer license and directly interrogating the Federal Government for not allocating sufficient funds to build low cost, low-medium cost and also PRIMA housing affordable home projects in Penang.

Upon reading his remarks, I started to puzzle and his comments prompted me about the recent headline published by Pakatan Rakyat (hmm….are they still Pakatan Rakyat?) that they repeatedly remind everyone, not to have diverted attention on the 1MDB issue by the Low Yat incident – their so claimed BN’s dirty tricks! In my humble opinion, the comments made by YB Teh were actually attempting to divert people’s attention on the affordable home issues as well as to mislead and confuse the public on the key fundamental problem pertaining this issue. So, can I also claim that this is the “dirty” tactic used by the Penang Government to “Low Yat” the people?

Let’s come back to the subject, I think it is necessary to clarify the remarks made by YB Teh in his column as follow:

Firstly, assuming I am a Penang State Assemblyman and that I have queries pertaining to the issues raised in YB Teh’s column, I would direct all these queries during the state assembly sittings so that YB Jagdeep can deal with them accordingly. The reason is simple, YB Teh does not sit in the State Housing Development Committee, but YB Jagdeep is the Chairman and therefore he should be the main contact to deal with these issues. At this point in time, YB Teh concern should be about Komtar area’s garbage and parking issues or to hold discussion with your councilors to improve your constituency’s well being. So to avoid redundant work, I suggest that you follow proper protocol which is to perform your own responsibilities first, then perhaps put forward yourself for YB Jagdeep consideration in order to join the State Housing Development Committee. Otherwise, people may misread your intention that you want to interfere your counterpart’s authorities which is not a good sign.

Secondly, and again, assuming I am a Penang State assemblyman, if I truly believe that the Federal Government mishandled the Penang housing matters, I would protest in the state assembly sitting to insist the Federal Government provide a respond. I would even co-ordinate with the Member of Parliament in my constituency to voice out in the Parliament sitting. I would never request the state opposition party to co-ordinate with the Federal Government. I am shocked that YB Teh, someone who has been elected as a state assemblyman for so many years, doesn’t even understand this basic protocol? What is the point of being elected as a yb if you don’t even know the correct channel to convey the Rakyat’s views to the Federal Government? When you are facing with problems, you never attempt to resolve, but instead, you propose that me, someone who is not a government officer but an ordinary member in a state opposition party, to deal with the Federal Government. Maybe I should thank YB Teh for his recognition of my capabilities. But to be frank who the hell am I? If I can deal directly with the Federal Government, this simply implies that I am more capable than all Penang YBs and the YAB? If that’s the case, you might as well dissolve the Penang state assembly and let me and the rest of the Penang opposition members to resolve the Rakyat’s issues. I am sorry but your critics are rather hilarious.

Thirdly, let me remind you again, I am merely a member in Gerakan, an opposition party in Penang which is not the party in power. You and your party are the one who possess all the powers and authority in hands.

Pardon me for keep repeating this, YB Teh, I am neither an YB nor holding any governmental position and I don’t even have a reason to sit in the state assembly. What I was trying to do here, in my column, was to voice out my humble opinions as an ordinary Penangite, someone who tries to be brave to confront and challenge the government in power, YB Jagdeep on this affordable home issue.

Again, assuming I am a Penang State Assemblyman, for sure I would ask YB Jagdeep to clearly answer my queries in the assembly sitting. I wouldn’t have repeatedly hold press conferences which is rather time wasting and not efficient. YB Jagdeep didn’t even bother to response to me directly but just summoning me to visit him in Komtar so that he can give me lesson about Penang housing policy. Well, I do not see the point to visit him personally due to the fact that I am just voicing my opinion as an ordinary Penangite and if YB Jagdeep wanted to response, he should answer to all Penangites, not just to me in a “closed door” meeting. How I thought that the State Government is very transparent, as they always claimed to be?

Fourth and finally, today, even though I am not a State Assemblyman but based on my research, the Federal Government has already planned to develop public housing projects in Penang. Phase one involved 9,500 low cost, low medium-cost units and affordable houses. At the moment, the lands for the above project have been paved. The relevant departments from MBPP and MPSP have approved it pending the final approval from the State Government. As soon as the first phase is approved, the subsequent second and third phase will then be implemented accordingly.

Any layman with some basic knowledge of current affairs would be able to answer YB Teh’s questions raised in his column. As an elected representative, YB Teh should therefore be more resourceful to understand these issues. Otherwise, YB could ask directly in the state assembly sitting and not push the question to me, who is not government officer and worst still, you even suggested me to co-ordinate with the Federal Government. Sigh…your comments are embarrassing and disgraceful.

To all YBs especially YB Teh and YB Jagdeep, all of you are the elected representatives in Penang, please perform your duties and responsibilities as it should be. Stop urging Gerakan to co-ordinate with the Federal Government whenever you run into trouble.

Again let me repeat this again:

This is because, today, you are the elected representatives.

This is because, today, as elected representatives, you have access to the state assembly sitting and parliament sitting; and

This is because, today, as elected representatives, you are being paid, not us!

Unless you admit that with 70% mandate from the Penangites, your responsibility is merely to sit in the air-conditioned Komtar government offices and simply delegate all the works to the Opposition. If so, moving forward you could just hide behind Gerakan, and let us do your jobs. I suggest you to give up your seats and just shadow Gerakan so that Gerakan members have the right authorities to carry out these works better than you.

So please, YB Teh and YB Jagdeep, PLEASE DON’T LOWYAT ME.

Please do not attempt to add any blurry to the subject and stop delegate any responsibilities to me, who is a mere ordinary citizen.

In case that you can’t handle the role of a YB, then, please do not stand in the next election. I have confident that I can handle what you failed to do and yes, I, Jason Loo said this out loud!

PLEASE DO NOT LOWYAT ME – Pakatan Rakyat leaders urged the people not to be diverted by the Low Yat incident but focus on the 1MDB Issue. Similarly, I also urge Pakatan Rakyat DON’T LOWYAT the Penang housing issues.

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