Teng Chang Yeow: Making it a habit to interact

TengChangYeow 20150717 BI Racial LowYatIncident

PENANG — Penang Barisan Nasional chairman Teng Chang Yeow said interaction among different ethnicities should be inculcated and nurtured as a habit, practicing day by day. Only through this kind of nurtured habit we can learn how to respect and understand each other. Only then, we can overcome any barrier and hurdle between us.

In an interview by Guang Ming Daily, Teng said that all the while, he has been attending various activities involving interaction among races, which include various seasonal celebrations & gatherings.

But, merely attending seasonal celebrations and gatherings is not enough to promote mutual peaceful and harmonious relationship between us. We should not only interact with each other during seasonal celebrations and gatherings. We have to nurture the paradigm of color blind when we interact.

Teng, who is also Penang Gerakan chief added: Learn to respect each other to defuse the differences between us.

Actually, there is no such thing as one race is more superior to the other despite differences in custom and habit in their daily lives. Therefore, it is only through daily interaction that we can break the racial discrimination and barrier.

Teng said years ago his sister was a center of attention and controversy when she wore Malay attire to the lecture halls during her campus life in the university. Now, it is no more an issue at all, when the Chinese wear Malay attire.

However, Teng opined that the Chinese may accept the change in their outfit as it is only superficial. You may not mind wearing the outfit of the other races, as it doesn’t mean that you will be embraced into that ethnic society. Only by mutual understanding that one can accept the co-existence of the other race.

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