We Don’t Want Road Of No Return

OhTongKeong 20150726 BI NewPartyPENANG — Penang Gerakan urged the DAP to make an unequivocal stand on whether the party would support the newly-formed party, Gerakan Harapan Baru (GHB), which aims to make Islam as the axis of their political ideology and struggle.

Penang Gerakan secretary Oh Tong Keong said the DAP should let the people know its political stand on its support for the new party.

“DAP should not repeat the same mistake of garnering Chinese support to strengthen and broaden the political base of a new party that propagates Islamist movement as their ultimate political goal. It will be too late when DAP cannot stop that new party from submitting the Hudud Laws Bill in Parliament, as what had happened with PAS. Can we afford a repetition of the same episode?” said Oh.

Oh said, according to the report on the cyber social media ANTARAPOS, DAP will react if Gerakan Harapan Baru will continue to push for implementation of Hudud Laws after they are allowed to join Pakatan Rakyat 2.0. The report even quoted Anthony Loke Siew Fook, the national organization secretary of DAP, who said, “let them (the new party) discuss among themselves first”.

Oh pointed out that GHB formed by a PAS splinter group would soon register as a new political party, and as admitted by the pro-tem chairman Mat Sabu, GHB will still make Islam as the axis of their political ideology & political struggle. In other words, they will not do away with the implementation of HUDUD LAWS.

“As the political party which has been very anxious of helping and supporting this new PAS splinter group, perhaps DAP should let the people know what their political stand on this new political party. Is DAP prepared to strengthen and broaden the political base of this newly formed party like what it had done for PAS? Help them to garner enough Chinese support, but eventually let them pursue their political course to form Islamic State based on Al Quran?” said Oh in a statement.

Oh said after the episode of “severing ties” between DAP & PAS, DAP should not repeat the same mistake by allowing this PAS splinter group to discuss or to pass first, only then will DAP make their stand.

He said the political stand of DAP is very important before the alliance of Pakatan Rakyat 2.0 is officially formed, because people do not want to see a repetition of same episode of severing ties again, whereby DAP is seen as a political dodger in their failure to stop the issue on implementation of Hudud Laws.

Until today, no leaders in DAP have made any noise on whether to ban any party which applies to join Pakatan Rakyat 2.0 from pursuing Hudud Laws after it is accepted as the coalition partner. We have reason to believe that DAP will ultimately acquiesce the Hudud Laws raised by the new partner and again betray the mandate given by the people.

He reminded the current leadership of DAP not to forget the unequivocal stand of their late party national chairman Karpal Singh who reiterated his uncompromising stand against any attempt by any political party to implement HUDUD LAWS.

Oh also reiterated Parti Gerakan’s stand of upholding freedom of religions, but will not stop any individuals or parties to pursue Islamic ideology.

We would like to alert the general public that the former Deputy President of PAS Mat Sabu and others represent the political desperadoes from PAS. During their heydays in PAS, they strongly advocated and acquiesced the setting up of an Islamic State as their ultimate political course. They have never given up on this political ideology. Please don’t fall prey to their political gimmicks and be deceived by DAP again.

Oh also urged DAP leaders who have deep conscience not to whitewash this new political party whose political struggle and ideology is no different from PAS. Don’t mislead the general public to support them into a Road Of No Return.

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