PAN Gangs Up with DAP May Expedite Hudud Implementation

HngCheeWey 20150916 NewPR hududLaw BIPENANG — Penang Gerakan Youth urged the people, especially the younger generation, to ponder carefully over the unholy political agenda behind the setting up of Pakatan Rakyat 2.0.

Its chief, Hng Chee Wey, pointed out that Pakatan Rakyat 1 and Pakatan Rakyat 2.0 are similar, with the same three political parties, namely DAP, PKR and PAS and an additional Islamic movement, Parti Amanah Nasional (PAN).

“We see the two political alliances as a marriage of convenience among parties with different political ideologies in their collusion to seize ruling power, as long as the end justifies the cause,” said Hng in a statement, adding that it is like changing partners on a musical chair.

He said Parti Amanah Nasional was established based on the Islamist movement and theocratic rule as their political cause, and PR 1 and PR 2.0 would have two political parties fighting for Islamic cause and advocating for rule by theocracy.

“This kind of alliance gives no protection to non-Muslims in general and the Chinese community in particular,” Hng added.

Hng pointed out that though DAP had rejected the admission of PAS into PR 2.0, PKR is still very much dependent on PAS to deliver votes for them and therefore they will continue their political ties with PAS.

Hng reflected what had happened in PR 1 when DAP and PKR were helpless to stop PAS from submitting the Parliamentary Bill to implement Hudud Law. The legal action through court proceeding taken by Gerakan also failed to stop PAS from implementing Hudud Law because DAP refused to support our legal recourse. Now, with the admission of the extra political partner, i.e. PAN, it may expedite the introduction and implementation of Hudud Law.

“We will not rule out the possibility that when PAN in their endeavor to convince PAS members from PAS to cross over to PAN, the undertaking to implement Hudud Law could be the main motivation to coax them to join PAN.”

“We have to acknowledge the fact that Muslims are not allowed to go against the dogma of the Quranic teaching. Therefore, no matter how liberal and progressive they claim themselves to be, PAN will not be swayed away from their basic political cause to push for Islamist movement and ultimately implementing Hudud Law.”

Hng reminded the non-Muslims that when PAN president Mat Sabu first launched this party, which was formerly called Gerakan Harapan Baru (GHB), he was evasive answering questions pertaining to the issue of Hudud Law. Only when he was cornered to answer it, he made it clear that even his newly formed party would implement Hudud Law, they have to do it in accordance with the Constitutional Law.

From his evasive demeanor to answer on the issue of Hudud Law, we should not discount the possibility that once his party has grown in strength to seize ruling power, PAN will endeavor to amend the Constitutional Law in their attempt to garner for Muslims political support and consequently to implement Hudud Law.

We should remember how DAP had deceived the Chinese community to disarm our vigilance against PAS’ political agenda, prompting PAS to implement Hudud Law when they become stronger after the 2013 General Election. We have to learn from this mistake and should not give the other political party with similar ulterior political motive another chance to fool us again by working hand in hand with DAP to grow in strength and show their true color later.

If we found out the true color of PAN too late, and if ultimately both PAS & PAN reunite when both grow in strength, will DAP cut off their political ties with them and form another PR 3.0?

Therefore, Hng appealed to all non-Muslims to be highly defensive, in no circumstances, without any concrete undertaking by both PKR and DAP, that we should accept PAN, a political party with similar political cause as PAS. We should not allow the new PR 2.0 to accommodate two coalition partners with theocratic Islamic policies as their political cause to have any opportunity to join hands, later to implement Hudud Law.

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