Respect our State Governor, Soon Lip Chee told.

HngCheeWey 20150914 TYT street light BI

PENANG — Penang Gerakan Youth lambasted Jawi assemblyman Soon Lip Chee for being disrespectful to the Penang State Governor over the conferment of Pingat Kebaktian Terpuji (PKT) on Rosnani Mahmod, head of Seberang Prai Municipal Council (MPSP)’s engineering department.

Penang Gerakan Youth Chief Hng Chee Wey urged Soon to apologize to the Governor for saying that Rosnani did not deserve the award, given in conjunction with the governor’s birthday celebration.

Hng said the state award for Rosnani was given by the Governor on recommendation by the DAP-led state government, and any doubt cast by Soon “is a show of disrespect to the governor.”

“In fact Soon, who is from the DAP, should question the competency of the relevant state department which selected, endorsed or verified Rosnani for the award. If her service attitude is bad, why was she recommended?” said Hng in a statement.

At a press conference earlier, Soon had criticized Rosnani as an arrogant government officer with lackadaisical working attitude, and therefore she did not deserve to get the award.

Hng said, according to news report, Soon was unhappy with Rosnani for not responding to his complaint over the non-functioning of a streetlamp in his constituency for two years.
Hng reminded Soon that Rosnani is a government servant and not a member of DAP, neither is she his aide, more so she is not subject to the direct order from a state assemblyman.

He said Soon, whose party is running the state government, could have used his influence to get things done by the local authorities.

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