Don’t risk safety of Penang people, urges Penang Gerakan Youth

TeoYinHorng 20150926 PenangFlood HillslopeDevelopment BIPENANG — Penang Gerakan Youth Assistant Secretary Teo Yin Horng urged Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng not to risk the safety of Penang people for the self-interest of certain quarters, concerning mudslides and flash floods.

Teo said Lim should issue stop work orders to all hill slope housing development, pending a re-evaluation and re-appraisal study on the suitability of the mass development.

Teo was referring to the downpour on Wednesday which caused mudslides and flash floods in Paya Terubong, Balik Pulau, Sungai Ara, Bayan Lepas, Teluk Kumbar and other areas in South West District of Penang Island.

Teo said construction work on hill slopes should stop until the study is audited and endorsed by the relevant geophysical experts.

He reminded Lim to be alert on the strong signal by the two torrential flash floods which happened within these two weeks.

“If Lim could insist on culling all the stray dogs for the sake of the safety of Penang people, he should also realize the potential danger of mudslides and torrential flash floods faced by the people of Penang is even higher than that of the Rabies Disease.”

Teo, who is also Residents Representative Committee chairman for Sungai Nibong, opined that the geological structure of the hill may change because of change in the weather or massive construction works being carried out in the vicinity.

Teo also did not discount the possibility that the torrential flash floods incident might have been caused by the poor drainage system provided by the developers concerned.

However, there is a greater possibility that the change in the geological structure of the hill slopes may have overloaded the drainage system with too much muddy water causing flash floods.

We hope the state government and Lim will not politicize the proposals and the criticisms put forward by Penang Gerakan Youth.

As the issue will have far reaching impact on the safety of Penang people, the state government should not shirk their responsibility and should view this matter seriously.

Teo also appealed to the residents to be very alert, especially when it is raining. They should monitor closely the water flows and report anything unusual to the authority concerned for immediate assistance.

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