GuanEng should adopt more humane methods to deal with straying dogs

AlbertTan 20150924 Rabies BIPENANG — Penang Gerakan is disappointed that the GuanEng administration in Penang has remained “stagnant” after almost two terms and still finding excuses to justify their wrong actions.

Penang Gerakan State Liaison Committee Member Albert Tan Kah Leong said GuanEng and his administrators should endeavour to find plausible and tangible solutions to problems, instead of taking actions at whims and fancies.

Tan said GuanEng should have heeded the advice of the foreign experts, the concerned citizens and the NGOs by adopting the more humane methods to deal with straying dogs in order to contain the spread of the Rabies Disease.

He said according to the representative of the “Stop Killing Group”,there was a similar outbreak of the Rabies Disease in India before. The international voluntary organizations had within 28 days helped the Indian authority to complete the job in vaccinating 60,000 straying dogs. If India could do it, why can’t the state government?

Tan said GuanEng should justify his decision to cull all the stray dogs, instead of trying to implicate his Barisan Nasional predecessor.

“Every time their policies or decisions hit a snag or come under public criticisms, GuanEng will shirk responsibility by shifting the attention to the former state administration and say, “there, you see, they also did the same thing, we just follow their footsteps”!

“Even his strong ally Yap Soo Huey, the state assemblyman for Pulau Tikus, is against the culling of dogs.

Come on lah, be a true leader and admit your mistake,” said Tan in a statement.

Tan also took a swipe at GuanEng who ridiculed Penang Barisan Nasional chairman Teng Chang Yeow for not knowing that the local council also had the records of culling stray dogs under the reign of BN.

“Is there anything wrong with Teng’s ignorance because Teng was not the then Exco member in charge of local government? But ironically, GuanEng as the Chief Minister-cum-chairman of the State Land Committee could claim to have no knowledge of the hilly lands being cleared on Penang Island where the sites of the “botak hill” could easily be viewed from the CM’s office on Level 28, Komtar?”

Tan also said there was nothing wrong with Teng’s proposal to the State Government not to discard the application of vaccinations and resort to easy way out by brutal killings of the poor animals.

“Don’t tell us that GuanEng has turned the State Government into a regime of “deity” immune from criticism?”

Tan regretted that GuanEng’s priority now is culling the dogs.

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