Stern action should be taken against those causing any commotion.

OhTongKeong 20150926 RedShirtRally BIPENANG — Penang Gerakan hoped the Police would always be color blind in enforcing the law and deal strictly against those causing unrest or commotion.

Penang Gerakan secretary Oh Tong Keong if the planned #MERAH169 Rally in Petaling Street this coming Saturday caused any commotion or unrest, stern action should be taken against any perpetrators including the chairman of the coalition of the Malay NGOs, Jamal Md Yunus.

Oh said the statement made by Jamal was highly seditious and criminally intimidating, causing unrest among the small businessmen and the public in the vicinity of Petaling Street.

“Therefore, the Police have to act immediately by invoking the relevant laws on sedition and intimidation to arrest Jamal. The Police should not adopt the wait and see attitude, and take action only after scuffle or commotion takes place,” Oh said in a statement.

He commended the Police for their professional conduct in dealing with the protesters in #MERAH169 who have defied the agreed conditions agreed between them and the Police.

“So we hope the Police will keep up with their high efficiency to deal with protesters who violate the relevant laws in the purported illegal rally to be held this coming Saturday,” he added.

Oh also urged the businessmen in Petaling Street to keep their cool and not be easily taken in by any provocative statement made by certain quarters. “If they feel being threatened by statement made by Jamal, then they have to lodge a police report.”

He urged Jamal not to harass the small businessmen in Petaling Street. If he or others have evidence on the sales of imitation goods in Petaling Street, then the proper procedure is to lodge reports with the relevant bodies to initiate investigation.

“It is uncalled for to intimidate and pressure the authority concerned on this matter.”

Oh said the prevailing global and Malaysian economies are at the low ebb, causing further devaluation of our ringgit. The foreign investors have shown loss of confidence in our domestic market. In the midst of this economic instability, if unwarranted rallies are held one after another, the whole situation is aggravated and no one would gain any benefit out of it.

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