Summary of Speech by Gerakan President Dato Mah Siew Keong during Penang SDC Year 2015

MahSiewKeong 20150922 SDC speech BIGerakan President Dato’ Mah Siew Keong acknowledged the importance of State, despite the Central Working Committee is empowered in many decisions. But 95% of the list of appointments of JPP, coordinator, Ketua Kampung and etc, were decided based on the list provided by state.

Mah said that the past 2 months has been the toughest time during his tenure as president and Cabinet Minister. He opined that Gerakan must raise to play our role as non-racial political party.

Mah acknowledge the good to have different opinions.

Mah said he has been meeting many people and heard the concerns of raising cost, economy and uncertainty of the future. He learnt that the silent majority do not want all the politickings, and urged the politicians to focus on the important issues that affect people’s lives.

Mah call upon party members to help defend our former president Dr Koh Tsu Koon. He is saddened that a clean leader like Dr Koh is still being attacked despite his retirement from politics. He reassured Dr Koh that his 30-year contribution to Penang will be judge by history and justice will be done, similarly to Dr Lim Chong Eu.

Mah said it is easy to act as racial hero but this is not what Gerakan wants. Multiracial should be our strength instead of weakness. Politicians are responsible to be part of the solutions. Gerakan wants to be part of solutions and not heros.

He said Gerakan as a non-racial political party must play the role to pull our people together. It may sound like a boring job, but it is a critical job. Our people wanted peace and prosperity life, not a polarised country.

Mah also said that we at the crossroad such as the 11th Malaysian Plan that aims to double the people’s income by fold in the next 4 years. We must work together and create fewer problems.

Mah said BN component parties must work together and have mutual respect for each other. BN needs to change our attitude and way of doing things, and overcome our shortcomings. He believed that we still have time to make right policies.

Mah urged the people to put Gerakan to the opposition role to ensure check and balance to the state government. This is to make sure the state government doing things in order.

Mah ensured party members that Gerakan is finalising candidates. People wanted clean candidates with integrity and honesty.

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