Summary of Speech For State Chairman Teng Chang Yeow during Penang SDC Year 2015

TengChangYeow 20150922 SDC Speech BIPenang Gerakan State Liaison Committee Chairman Teng Chang Yeow described that the current political scenario is similar to the 60’s, where the racial politics was intense. Gerakan was also born during that era, promoting a Fair and Just Malaysian society.

Teng opined that the current racial sentiment is even more intense compared to 60’s. He proposed that Gerakan Youth to host a round table to address this issue.

Gerakan is a multiracial party. Sdr Teng opined that it is best timing to promote non-racial politics, and pledge to support the round table forum. He believed that Gerakan Youth is capable to bring youths together and decide the future of the country.

Gerakan’s core value remains non-racial struggle for a fair and just Malaysian society. The only change we can see is the strategy, such as adopting the current trend of social media.

18 months ago, we began the search of strategy. We upgraded the facilities, and we now having the one of the most advance and complete resource centre, compared to other states.

Teng brought the State Liaison Committee, Youth, Wanita and Veterans together at Langkawi, and set a “Break the Zero” strategy, which covered 9 proposals. The first was a small scale gathering carried out recently in Bayan Baru.

Penang Gerakan also identified 20 new faces. We will soon see them holding press conferences and issue press statements.

Penang Gerakan also engaged a full time trainer to assist our leaders in their publis speaking skills. We will see the 20 new faces within the coming 6 months.

It is important to interact with the public. But most public are now on new media instead of face-to-face. We hope that new media will be properly used to engage with public and disseminate correct information.

During the tenure of Barisan Nasional, we take NGOs opinions seriously and design our policies together. During the 90’s, we even invited activist Ong Boon Keong into our committees. This shows our inclusiveness and close working relationships.

Currently, we have 2 plans, which is the “Break the Zero” for party, and another one addressing the Penang’s developments, particularly the long-mentioned “Penang Paradigm” which is yet seen until today.

Currently, Penang development is on autopilot mode. Certain party claimed that Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon is the blue eye boy for the developers. Those were the days where only 30 units per acre, but the government now allows 87 units per acre. Teng was confused who is actually the blue eye boy for developers. This clearly shows that the state government has no plans, unlike Dr Lim and Dr Koh era.

Teng opined that we are facing the challenge of perception. Many has forgotten the developments existed before the current government. Thus, we can only follow the trend.

Teng also submit a plan called “Come Back” to president Dato’ Mah. The plan is a proposal received from a group of academicians. We will also discuss this in the coming BN meeting.

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