Oh Tong Keong: Joyful Mid-Autumn Festival shows spirit of racial harmony

PENANG — OhTongKeong 20151003 Unity Harmony BIA Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival at Kedah Road, Penang, recently was filled with joy and bliss amongst the participants who comprise the various races.

Indeed it was an event with a spirit of unity, harmony and togetherness amongst Malaysians at the Kedah Road Low-Cost Housing Scheme area.

The festival, jointly organized by Penang Rukun Tetangga and Residents Association of Kedah Road, attracted a large gathering of multi-racial residents. Families and individuals were seen actively participating at the day’s program.

Penang Gerakan Secretary Oh Tong Keong was invited to participate and to deliver a speech at the event. He was grateful to see active participation of our “brothers & sisters” from different ethnic and religious backgrounds in this celebration.

Oh said the successful event showed an accommodation of different cultural activities by different ethnic communities, besides enhancing mutual respect and understanding.

He stressed that Malaysia is a multi-racial & multi-cultural nation.

“Although the Mid-Autumn Festival originated from China, in Malaysia, it is a festival not only celebrated by Chinese, but shared and involved other ethnic communities in the spirit of national unity and harmony.”

Therefore, he hoped more local organizations and associations would also hold more of such activities to promote racial harmony and mutual relationship amongst the people.

The chairman of the Rukun Tetangga and Residents Association of Kedah Road, Tay Chye Hock, in his speech said the celebration was part of its annual activities.

He said the organizers’ aim was to involve participation of residents from the various races to integrate and live in a peaceful environment.

Also present in the function were committee members of the Rukun Tetangga and Residents Association of Kedah Road.

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