Step up security for Penang also, urges Penang Gerakan Youth

HngCheeWey 20150930 Terrorism BIPENANG — Penang Gerakan Youth Chief Hng Chee Wey has called for the setting up of a special task force to evaluate the probability of Penang being a target spot for terrorist’s attack.

Hng said the task force could come out with a complete appraisal of the state’s security situation and instil greater confidence amongst the people and investors on safety as well as their well-being.

He urged Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who is also head of the State Security Council, to consider the proposal, together with support from the state’s chief police officer and the police force.

Hng was commenting on the warning by the Embassies of US & Australia to their citizens travelling in Malaysia on the possible terrorists attack in Kuala Lumpur, which was later confirmed by the Malaysian Police that they had also received the same intelligence information.

Hng urged the Police to make a thorough investigation with complete safety appraisal of the situation, as well to deploy more police to the areas outside the targeted vicinity of Jalan Alor in Kuala Lumpur.

He pointed out that as Penang is also in the international map for tourists attraction second to Kuala Lumpur, where majority of the population is made up of non- Muslims, Penang could also be a possible target for attack by IS terrorists.

“Penang is a vibrant tourist’s spot attracting tens of thousands of international visitors. Geographically, we are quite close to the border of two neighboring countries, i.e. Thailand & Indonesia, which may make it easy for perpetrators and terrorists to escape after committing their deeds,” said Hng.

He hoped the police and the ministry of internal affairs would also consider taking measures to tighten the security of Penang and deploy more police and military personnel to Penang.

In view of the security situation, Hng also appealed for a halt to any planned mass street rallies because such rallies could easily become a target for IS terrorist attack.

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