Slap warning to Chinese Malaysians is totally unacceptable

JasonLoo 20151005 Racial Slap Chinese Tajuddin BIPENANG — Penang Gerakan Youth Legal & Public Complaints Bureau chief Jason Loo slammed a federal deputy minister for his alleged slap warning to Chinese Malaysians who allegedly took their complaints outside of the country.

Loo said Deputy Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman’s alleged remark was uncalled for and totally unacceptable by Malaysians.

Tajuddin had allegedly uttered the word “lempang” (slap) in relation to the Chinese in Malaysia who took their complaints outside the country. This was in relation to China’s ambassador to Malaysia Dr Huang Huikang’s visit to Petaling Street last week. Tajuddin had allegedly warned the Chinese in Malaysia by saying that “Saya nak bagi amaran juga kepada Cina-Cina Malaysia jangan ingat bila ada masalah dia nak mengadu, sikit-sikit mengadu supaya ada yang lindungi mereka. Nak kena lempang macam itu.”

In a statement, Loo criticized Tajuddin that instead of his “lempang” warning targeting at the Chinese, he should ‘lempang’ the real racial and extreme trouble makers, such as Jamal Yunus, an UMNO division chairman who organised a Red Shirt rally during Malaysia Day. A group of NGOs held a demonstration at Petaling Street.

“Since Tajuddin noted that Dr Huang himself said his (Dr Huang) statement made in Petaling Street was misconstrued and that the ambassador had no intention of interfering in Malaysia’s affairs, Tajuddin should not create the unnecessary issue by raising the ‘lempang’ and ‘sikit-sikit mengadu’ remarks,” said Loo.

“Also, the Cabinet had confirmed that the China’s ambassador did not interfere in the administration of Malaysia and asked all to stop politicking this matter. What makes him think that the Chinese had sought the China’s ambassador to interfere in our national issues?”

Loo said as a deputy minister and a Member of Parliament, Tajuddin had shown a bad example as a leader and had failed to uphold the 1 Malaysia spirit promoted by the Federal Government.

While the country is facing a tough economic battle, Loo urged all ministers to focus on leading the nation and Rakyat out of the doldrums and stop giving pointless and negative remarks that would not help to improve the nation’s unity and economy.

Malaysia is a country that depends on a racial consensus for its stability. Malaysia’s racially diverse societies are extremely difficult to govern. As such, any further racial attacks will not bring any good.

“I wish to remind all the politicians to help Malaysians to live harmoniously, respect the law, maintain stability, and uphold multi-racialism and multi-culturalism. Politicians should set a good example for Malaysians,” Loo added.

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