Is Jagdeep Singh a puppet of developers?

JasonLoo 20151016 Housing Developer puppetPENANG — Penang Gerakan Youth urged the state government to clarify whether buyers of the state’s affordable housing scheme are exempted to pay the RM10,000 legal fees, as promoted by some housing developers.

Penang Gerakan Youth Legal and Public Complaints Bureau Chief Jason Loo said the state should come out with a clear policy on this.

Loo claimed that state town and country planning and housing committee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo and the state government seemed to be the puppet of developers “as they are always the last one to know the terms and conditions fixed by the developers.”

“We are very disappointed with Jagdeep as it seems to be his habit to ask complainants to see him in his office when he does not really solve the issues faced by the purchasers,” said Loo in a statement.

“Being the housing Exco member, every time he is the last one to know the issues faced by the purchasers and then as usual he asks them to meet in his office, and then the issues became silent.”

Loo was referring to an incident when Jagdeep asked the complainants to bring all documents to his office.

Loo said the problem here is whether the developer are so stupid to provide evidence to the applicants (to ask for the deposit of RM10,000). “As such, without evidence how can the applicants provide any to Jagdeep?”

Loo said that last year, Jagdeep was also unclear when he said that the state government previously never fix the minimum size and price range for the affordable home and as such many developers launched the overcharged and “shrinking” affordable home units.

“Jagdeep also said this RM10,000 could be legal fees.”

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