Proper Resettlement For More Than 500 Families

HngCheeWey 20151021 Housing Hong Seng Estate BIPENANG — State government should ensure proper resettlement & reallocation plan for more than 500 families affected by Hong Seng Estate development project.

Penang Gerakan Youth Chief Hng Chee Wey proposed a comprehensive registration exercise to be carried out for Hong Seng Estate in Tanjung Bungah which has been earmarked for a large-scale housing development project.

Hng said the exercise was important to ensure there is proper resettlement and relocation plan for the more than 500 families living in Hong Seng Estate, as well as a proper traffic dispersal scheme in the surrounding Mount Erskine areas.

He urged the state government to ensure that the interest and welfare of these residents are well protected and taken care of.

“Some of the residents have been staying at this housing estate for two to three generations. Some of the houses are also big enough to accommodate a few families under one roof,” said Hng in a statement.

Hng said the resettlement program should be based on the number of families, and not the number of houses affected.

“The state government has to make sure that the developer or the landlord concerned has proper resettlement or relocation plan in place before the relevant layout plan is approved, and not otherwise, i.e. approval given without any proper resettlement or relocation plan,” said Hng.

He said the development project should include a comprehensive traffic flow and dispersal plan to avoid any serious or disastrous traffic congestion problems in the area.
Hng who is also Barisan Nasional Bukit Bendera Division Chairman, said the proponent of the Hong Seng Estate Development project, Datuk Khor Gark Kim had publicly said that the proposed project has the blessing of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng.

“The project would have serious implications and impacts on the livelihood of the residents and those in the nearby Mount Erskine areas and we hope the state government would not approve it hastily,” he said.

Hng pointed out the Mount Erskine areas are full of high rise buildings and more high-rise housing development projects are in the pipeline.

He proposed that if the situation allowed, an alternative access road leading to Western Road (Jalan Utama) should be constructed for the convenience of the residents in Mount Erskine and Hong Seng Estate.

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