Penang state Government Should Declassified All Land Reclamation Project Agreements

TengChangYeow 20151214 Penang Reclamation Project Agreement BIPress Statement by Penang BN State Chairman Teng Chang Yeow

Federal Government declassified North-South Highway agreement. Penang state government should do the same for
all land reclamation project agreements

It came as no surprise that the Chief Minister made an about turn in declassifying all land reclamation agreements. It will be a big surprise if he agrees to do it!

In year 2007 when Tun Abdullah Badawi Administration declassified the highways agreements, the Federal Government instructed all concessionaires companies to waive their rights under the confidentiality clauses.

All the concessionaires obliged by the Federal Government’s request in the interest of the public. Malaysians then had an opportunity to vet all those agreements.

E&O Bhd as a public listed company would not want to be seen as a cohort with the DAP-led State Government in misleading the people of Penang that it will seek RM1billion in compensation should their project is delayed or cancelled! The figure obviously doesn’t exist! But, it must be proven since the Chief Minister had made such serious remark about compensation.

The DAP-led State Government should instruct E&O to waive their rights under the confidentiality clauses as done by the Federal Government before. E&O’s reclamation project cannot be as controversial as the highways agreements.

If the Federal Government could do it, the DAP-led state government would not want to be left behind in doing so.

If the truth must be told, then be it and E&O should just agree to do it without even waiting for the State Government to instruct.

The DAP-led state government and E&O Bhd should not choose to hide behind the confidentiality clauses. The interest of the people of Penang comes first!