Don’t engage in lies and falsehood

TengChangYeow 20151217 Penang Reclamation Project Bayan Bay BIPress Statement by Penang BN State Chairman Teng Chang Yeow

It has been a habit of the Chief Minster to use previous BN Government and Federal Government as an excuse to justify all his wrong doings. This is an act of betrayal to the voters and a shameful behavior!

It’s his brand of politics of labeling his opponents to manoeuvre himself out of a situation when he is put into checkmate.

In his budget speech in the State Assembly recently, he claimed that the State has only approved 60 acres of reclamation.

However, BN representatives exposed that the State had actually approved 211 acres which the Chief Minister finally admitted in his budget winding up speech that it was 211 acres.

However, after that, he continues to dishonestly tell the public that it is 60 acres despite having admitted in his budget winding up speech it was 211 acres. Who is telling lies and falsehood?

The DAP-led State Government itself is engaging in lies and falsehood to say that those companies would not listen to them in relation to waiving their rights under the confidentiality clause.

How could E&O Bhd reclaim additional 131 acres at their own cost, and give it free to the State Government? Were they not listening to the Chief Minister? The Chief Minister wasn’t the one who signed the original agreement but E&O listened and obliged to his request. If a company listens to him, it must be his crony, since he habitually thinks that a company which listens to BN must be a BN crony!

Has the Chief Minister written to any of the companies to waive their rights under the confidentiality clause? If he has written, and in such a short notice since my statement yesterday, these companies had refused to listen to him, it only shows he is a weak Chief Minister!

The Chief Minister himself created a falsehood of RM1billion compensation if the reclamation is delayed without substantiating it. He must prove what he has claimed.

Let me correct him that he is so deceitful to pin the blame on me. I wasn’t the EXCO member when the agreement was inked. A person of his stature should not make such simple deceitful remark.

We will continue to expose more with facts. We only want him to restrain from interfering on how media should publish these exposure in weeks to come.

I challenge him to just disclose all the agreements. We have maintained that we are prepared to let our past decision be scrutinized because we have nothing to hide!