Round table meeting to discuss about heritage status

JasonLoo Heritage RoundTable 20151220 BIPENANG – Tanjung Gerakan Youth Division will hold a round table meeting with youth and traders both within and outside the city heritage areas on Jan 3, year 2016 to discuss ways to protect the status of George Town as a World Heritage City.

The topic is “Old Houses sold, omen of Construction or Destruction”.

The organising chairman Jason Loo said there would be interaction to exchange views and obtain feedback.

Loo, who is also Penang Gerakan Youth Legal and Public Complaints Bureau chief, said the joint efforts would explore and deliberate on the problems as a result of massive purchases of the old buildings and houses in George Town.

“We hope to collect and compile all the relevant proposals and suggestions from the public and later relay them to the state government for consideration,” he said.

Loo said the problem of massive purchases of old buildings and houses in George Town as well as old trades gradually being driven out is “very serious and worrisome.”

He said Gerakan Youth could not bear to see that the endeavour, the sweat and tears of the previous Barisan Nasional state regime to get George Town listed as one of the World Heritage Cities and later being delisted by UNESCO just because of the indifferent attitude of the current regime which is fond of playing politics.

“Their arms-folding & do nothing attitude is scornful. Therefore Gerakan Youth feels obligated to hold such a round table meeting as a way of serving the people’s interests,” he added.

“When we said the ‘arms folding & do nothing’ attitude, we are referring to the stratagem of the incumbent state government headed by Lim Guan Eng who habitually uses the former BN regime as an excuse to justify all their wrong doings, and attributed their faults to the constraints and limited power of the state government. In actual fact, the state government can stretch their vested power to bring significant contributions to the state if they play their roles well and effectively.”

Jason pointed out that Giovanni Boccardi, the chief of Crisis Response & Disaster Risk Reduction Unit of UNESCO had said it before that on the issue to protect the non-intangible culture, the key player still comes from the original community itself. Therefore when the state government in formulating the policies to protect the tangible and non-intangible cultures of George Town, it should have sought consultations with the locals of George Town first.