Their trademark is to tell lies and falsehood, says Chang Yeow

TengChangYeow 20151222 Penang Reclamation Project Bayan Bay BIStatement by Penang Barisan Nasional State Chairman Teng Chang Yeow

The lies and falsehood created by the DAP-led Penang State Government to fool the people of Penang are getting serious each day.

The denial by the Chief Minister that the 25 acres of reclamation at Bayan Bay was approved in 2015 instead of 2013 as exposed by BN, confirmed the lies to cover up.

The approval was granted in 2013 and held secretive from the people of Penang for 2 years 3 months until it was announced in the State assembly in November 2015. That is a fact. This fact is supported by documents that were sent to us.

The Chief Minister said that he had checked with the State Secretary and confirmed that it was approved in 2015 and not in 2013 as claimed.

We hope he will not fault the State Secretary and his officers for every mistake he had made. He further remarked that since I wasn’t the Chief Minister in 2013, how could I know that the approval was granted in 2013.

In other words, as the Chief Minister in 2013, he knew thoroughly and entirely the approval. Therefore, he is fully responsible and not others.

The approval was granted by the State Planning Committee chaired by the Chief Minister on 29th August 2013 and the minutes of the meeting were confirmed on 3rd October 2013.

The details of the approval in the minutes of the meeting match the details in paragraph 26 of the Chief Minister’s 2016 Budget Speech in the State assembly on 6th November 2015.

It is meaningless to ask for an apology from the Chief Minister as his administration is fond of accusing others of creating lies and falsehood. It is sufficed to prove that lies and falsehood are the trademark of the DAP-led State Government.