A supposedly ignorant “don’t know” excuse by Penang State Government

DaveTang 20160105 Bicycle Lane Penang BIPENANG — Penang Gerakan Youth is irked over the often-repeated excuses of “Don’t Know” by Pakatan Harapan-led state government leaders including Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng when things don’t look favorable to them.

Penang Gerakan Youth Industrial Development & International Trade Bureau Chief Dave Tang Ching Sern said their kind of playing ignorant and evading responsibility attitude is tantamount to having a crisis of confidence.

“Look at how they run the state administration and respond when the people ask about their decisions and policies. A simple don’t know answer and an alibi,” said Tang in a statement.

Tang pointed out that when the structural and safety issue of the Penang Hill car park surfaced not long after the DAP took over the state administration, the response from Lim was a denial note of “don’t know”. Similarly, when a new Chinese Mazu Temple was found to have been illegally built on state land at Pulau Jerejak, Lim also said “he had no knowledge on this matter.”

“Last week when the issue of painting green bicycle lanes on pedestrian lanes cropped up, and facing increasing grouses from the public, MBPP councilor heading the infrastructure and traffic standing committee, Muhammad Bakhtiar, also used the similar trick of “Don’t Know”, so as to evade the embarrassment of why the project was approved without his knowledge.”

Tang who is also chairman of the residents committee for Rifle Range said it was obvious that the contractor and workers concerned would not have carried out the repainting job, without receiving instruction from someone in power.

“Thus Muhammad Bakhtiar as chairman of the relevant committee has no reason to give a mere alibi of “Don’t Know” to shirk his responsibility on this matter. We believe that those who bypassed him to give this order should be from the higher-up, not ruling out the possibility of MBPP mayor, the state executive councilor in charge of local government in Penang, or CM himself.

Tang recalled that Budget 2016 which was presented at the State Assembly recently had stated that one of the items receiving the highest allocation is the demarcation of the green bicycle lanes in George Town, with a total amount of RM 5.06 million.

“So, now when the repaint work for the green bicycle lanes had started, without the knowledge and approval of the MBPP councilor, who is at fault?”

“We are worried that such a situation can be a result of malpractices and irregularities. They talk so much about accountability and transparency.”

Tang also lambasted Komtar state assemblyman Teh Lai Hin for failing to counter check with MBPP when he received public complaints on this matter. “We hope he is not trying to protect anyone.”