Gazetting Jerejak Island as a national forest reserve merely requires signature of Penang Chief Minister

JasonLoo 20160115 Pulau Jerejak Gazette BIPENANG — Jason Loo questioned Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng that why the state government could approve reclamation project within a few months but then failed to gazette Jerejak Island as a national forest reserve that merely require the Chief Minister to put on his signature for the approval. It has been 8 years that the state government had delayed in its effort to gazette Jerejak Island as a national forest reserve.

“On one hand, the state government is so aggressive in moving the 4000 acres (two artificial islands) reclamation project. On the other hand, they are reluctant to gazette the 295 hectares of Jerejak Island as abnational forest reserve.” he said.

Jason Loo, in his press conference on Saturday furiously highlighted that Gerakan has been monitoring the gazetting progress of Jerejak Island. However, the DAP-led state government chose to ignore our constructive and sincere approaches all these while.

He then quipped and criticised that “Jerejak Island is not my dad’s land, but I believe all the Penangites are worried with its outcome, wondering whether the state government is having another undisclosed plan in mind.”

“Definitely I am aware that the right to approve casino license belongs to Federal Government. To calm the concerned Penangites, the state government should do its part by gazetting this green lung immediately. As I reminded numerously, it will be a done deal once our Chief Minister put on his signature to complete the gazetting effort. Simple, but why not?” asked Loo.

“Perhaps they need incentives to move! As such, if the state government can gazette Jerejak Island in year 2016, we would like to offer them 12 Jerejak Island ferry return tickets (for the Chief Minister and his wife, 2 deputy Chief Ministers and the 8 EXCO members) in recognising their efforts of promoting the “Greener Cleaner Penang” initiative.”

Jason Loo: I will keep raising this issue

A couple of days ago, when questioned on the Jerejak Island casino incident, Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng condemned Gerakan of being “Gila, Mabuk dan Bangang”. Jason commented that he was not surprise at all when heard of the remarks made by the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister had recently also scolded the Penang Chew Clan Association Chairman with some rude words in the Jade Emperor celebration hijacking issue at Chew Jetty.

“When the Chief Minister could even scold the Penangites who have been supporting him, then his recent remark towards Gerakan did not surprise me. His rude remarks actually left bad and shameful impression to the public.” said Loo.

“Forests only form 10% of the total state land area. As such, if my continuous harping on this issue will eventually bring to the gazette of Jerejak Island (in the near future), then for the sake of the nature, I will keep raising this issue even at the cost of being scolded ‘Gila, Mabuk dan Bangang’.”