Don’t listen to ill-intended rumors. BN has no intention to close Chinese primary schools

OTK 20160118 Chinese Education closed BIPENANG — Despite a firm commitment by Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak that the federal government has no intention to close down Chinese primary schools, rumour on the intention continues to spread, which is not good for our society, said Penang Gerakan secretary Oh Tong Keong.

Oh said preserving Chinese primary schools is an uncompromising commitment made by the federal government to the Chinese community.

He said the ill-intended rumor had surfaced as early as in 2014 during which Najib gave a firm commitment that the federal government had no intention to close down the traditional vernacular schools.

Oh said today after a lapse of two years, the number of the Chinese primary schools in the country remained intact, which clearly proved that the rumor was a vicious game played by some quarters.

Oh pointed out that Malaysia was selected by the popular US magazine “Newsweek” as one of the best nations in the world, and at the same time we were even praised as one of the most resilient nations economically.

“Sometime end of last year, in “the Human Development Index Report” published by the United Nation Development Program, Malaysia was ranked No. 62 out of 162 nations in the world. We were also ranked by the US magazine “International Living” as one of the best nations for retirement.”

All the above rankings and the indexes, he said, showed that we are living in one of the best nations in the world.

“However, some unscrupulous politicians with hidden agendas have been attempting to undermine the efforts of our leaders by fabricating and spreading unsubstantiated rumors. This kind of irresponsible move has created anxiety and social instability, which can be likened as a form of sabotage.”

Oh, who is also Tanjung Gerakan division chief, said that generally the Chinese in Malaysia are living peacefully and harmoniously in a multi-racial country where we can learn different languages and culture, thus having a competitive edge over others in the international job and commercial market.

Therefore, he said, we have to learn to treasure our unique culture and racial composition and live together harmoniously with other races in this beautiful country. We have to respect and understand the culture and religion of others, especially during religious festival and rituals.