Penang CM’s bankruptcy theory is not worth a pin

AlbertTan 20160120 Penang Reclamation Bankrupt BIPENANG — Penang Gerakan State Liaison Committee member Albert Tan Kah Leong urged Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to stop deceiving the people with his “bankruptcy theory”.

“Lim has been threatening the people that the state will go bankrupt if it stops certain projects,” Albert lamented.

Albert recalled that Lim was using his “bankruptcy theory” when UMNO’s Pulau Betong Assemblyman Muhamad Farid Saad moved a motion in the state assembly, urging for suspension of all new land reclamation applications. Recently, Lim had also used the same theory at a dialogue with NGOs on hill slope developments.

Albert urged the DAP-led Penang State Government to immediately deny all new applications for sea reclamation and hill clearing projects because the question of bankruptcy does not arise at all.

He also wondered why the state government is so afraid of developers on the issue of policy making.

Albert also recalled that DAP, since the Lim Kit Siang’s era, has been saying that our country will go bankrupt.

“But the fact is our economy has been growing steadily without any sign of bankruptcy. Now, his son is saying his own state government will go bankrupt,” Albert lamented.

Albert said the father and son seemed to love the idea of constantly recycling the “bankruptcy theory’s political drama.

“Stop creating fear in the people and NGOs who are seriously concerned with the effects and impacts of sea reclamation and hills clearing.”

He said it is important to develop the state, but not at the expense of the state’s environment and ecosystems.

“There must be a balance point,” he said.

On another issue, Albert said that the gazette of Jerejak Island as a national forest reserve only waits for the Chief Minister’s approval.

“Why can’t Lim sign it?”

“Are we waiting for a developer to buy the land so we will go bankrupt again when people and NGOs oppose to it?” Albert said, urging DAP to stop ruling Penang based on political interests.