8 Main Strategies for Gerakan

Eight (8) Main Strategies for Gerakan

1.To pro-actively formulate and voice principled policy positions, seek and effect workable and viable solutions, based on Rukun Negara and the party’s ideology, for major national issues affecting the country and the people.

2.To be a constructive and effective opposition in the states under Pakatan Rakyat and to be the voice of the people within Barisan Nasional to pursue the reform of Barisan Nasional as a genuine and effective multi-racial coalition of political parties, committed to realizing a fair and just Malaysian society.

3.To effectively rebuild and revitalise, enhance and empower the party’s presence and position nation-wide, especially in all our parliamentary and state constituencies in Penang and other states, with the aim of regaining people’s trust and mandate through the following:-

  • reinforcing links and relationship with the people;
  • upgrading effective services to the people;
  • Organising meaningful activities for the people;
  • identifying and training potential leaders
  • preparing for elections at all levels.

4.To actively reach out to and forge smart partnership with members of the civil society and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), such as associations, unions, guilds etc to work together to resolve issues and problems.

5.To embark on membership expansion and consolidation by:-

  • motivating and activating existing party members;
  • recruiting more Malaysians from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds, with emphasis on youth and women;
  • providing more flexible organisational structure and attractive programmes, such as Gerakan Muda, open branches and cyber branches, etc.

6.To boost the morale and quality of leaders and members through increasing, revamping and upgrading political training programmes, for party leaders, members and supporters to reinforce ideological commitment; enhance knowledge on history, economy, society, culture, religion and politics; upgrade leadership, management and speaking skills, etc, and to make Gerakan competitive, vibrant and relevant as a learning organisation.

7.To re-energise and revamp the party’s organisation and administration at all levels, including bureaux and taskforces, so as to be even more effective and efficient in implementing various programmes and achieving the objectives of the party.

8.To further improve communication and public relations strategy to enable the people and party members to better understand and support the party.