8 Major Areas of Concern

Eight (8) Major Areas of Concern

Gerakan to set direction, state position and seek solution for each area

1. Safeguarding Human rights and equality

—- including issues such as equitable distribution of opportunities and wealth, abolition, amendment or reform of existing restrictive or discriminatory legislations, policies and practices.

2. Promoting Religious freedom and harmony

—- promoting inter-religious mutual understanding and respect, establishing clear guidelines and procedure on conversion from one religion to another, implementing more liberal and positive strategy for places of worship, etc.

3. Inculcating Common values and multi-cultural diversity

—- including inculcation of common universal moral values, appreciation of multi-culturalism and multi-racialism, etc.

4. Advocating Good governance and integrity

–— such as upholding the rule of law and separation of power, promoting judicial reform and a clean efficient and transparent government.

5. Generating robust and sustainable economic growth

—- through enhancing competitiveness, promoting ICT and knowledge-based economy (K-economy), consolidation and diversification of various economic sectors, development of small medium enterprises, etc.

6. Sustaining ecological balance, quality of life, safety and security

—- promoting better planning, proper environmental conservation and waste management, safer and more secured habitat, through more efficient services, more effective enforcement, and more active local participation.

7. Achieving a caring and healthy society

—- through empowering women and youth groups, advocating gender equality assisting the disadvantaged and disabled, promotion of sports, cultural and social activities, etc.

8. Enhancing education and human resource development

—- supporting the growth of all schools, colleges and universities; promoting multi-lingual capability and relevant skill sets; inculcating positive attitude and enterprising spirit to face future challenges and changes.